Why does VR need to be uber?

Every time Palmer Luckey opens his mouth, it’s like he’s the typical face of the PC Gaming Master Race. And it annoys me. Why does VR have to be about running the current day Crysis? On one side, realistic graphics would make make VR more believable. On the other hand, there’s still a few nagging issues with VR that doesn’t make it quite VR.

And then Valve came up with a way to undermine the whole “You need a $300+ video card” to run VR. Now the cost of entry is something equivalent to a $200 video card. Which is good. If you want VR to take off, you need to make it something that’s accessible. Besides, I don’t really care about playing the latest and greatest games in VR. I wanna play Deus Ex: Human Revolution in VR.

In any case, VR isn’t VR until we have something like The Matrix or Sword Art Online.

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