Let’s think about going shopping for food at the local grocery store. At first, you opt for the basket since you’re not eating a whole lot of food between trips. But over time, you end up getting more and more food. Soon the basket can no longer support how much food you need between trips. So you upgrade the space to a shopping cart, otherwise the alternative is to pay for the food, go home, drop the food off, and come back later, which takes time. But just because you’ve taken one shopping cart solved the problem doesn’t mean adding another will improve anything, especially if you haven’t changed how much food you need between trips.

The same thing goes for RAM. If you were running out of it to the point where system performance suffers, adding more will certainly help. But the system is only going to use what’s necessary, so adding even more won’t help.

... Also I’m going to hopefully start some kind of microblogging thing. For whatever technology, gaming, or gear head thing is on my mind.